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By George Margolin, Editor,

In the good/bad old days of Windows 3.1 – there was one GOOD thing about that program. It was the Windows Explorer function which let you drag and drop files from one window or folder or partition, to another in a clear and intuitive way. It was simple, smart, useful, and instantly available as part of their then “new” operating system.

But then came the upgrades of Windows that began to work better and more reliably. Super! Improvements and increased reliability in an otherwise squirrelly system, are good things, right? No one could or would argue that. But along with those “improvements” came a throwback to a Neanderthal period of computer file handling. Microsoft lost one of the “best” parts of Windows 3.1 -- the easy and intuitive file handling part.

So, sadly – with all the great and actual improvements to the Windows programs and the added complexities that have bloated it – Microsoft and their thousands of eager and competent programmers, never did get the file handling part of it right again.

BUT -- A teeny, tiny, small, little company somewhere in Wisconsin, named “Mijenix? (for its founders Mike and Jenny) filled this gaping hole with an elegant and intuitive way to make the file handling hole -- whole again! They called it PowerDesk. And even in its earliest form it was a joy and a pleasure to use.

Later that wonderful and useful program found a home in a larger company, OnTrack which then sold it to another fine company, V-Com, and it improved incrementally to match each of the many, many changes that Windows wrought.

My wife Cathy (the Cal State Fullerton Computer Science Lecturer) and I have used and promoted and proselytized Power Desk, happily and faithfully over its entire life. And we knew that it made the increasingly complex world of computing on gaggles of growing Gigabytes of hard drives –livable. What, we thought, could be better than that?


But when we recently received an email from THE Mike Kronenberg, founder of the former Mijenix – telling us that he had arranged to obtain a license of his previous wonder program PowerDesk and was IMPROVING AND UPDATING IT -- AND NEEDED BETA TESTERS – need I say more?

Well he and his competent crew sent out bunches of Betas which we beat on and busted,. suggested and tested and blasted and broke.
BUT NOW DEAR FRIENDS AND FELLOW COMPUTER FOLKS – we want to tell you about this marvelous new program from Mike Kronenberg and his new company Novatix, called “ExplorerPlus.”

Following, you’ll find some screen shots showing how simply and elegantly ExplorerPlus lets you see, find, change, name, rename, copy, move, transfer, synchronize and organize, any and all of the files on your computer’s one, some, or  many -- as in my festooned-with-Fire-Wire -- gang of Gigabyte grinders and DVD burners.

Some of the nicest features are the multiple and instantly selectable way of looking at your disks. You can have one screen or a double screen in various configurations. One of top of the other in a Horizontal array, or one NEXT to the other in a matching Vertical array. This makes it easy to see and easy to compare and drag files, folders and disks from anywhere on your computer or NETWORK – to anywhere else that’s attached.

Single Window















Dual Windows Vertical
















Dual Windows Horizontal

















ExplorerPlus from Novatix is an absolute Necessity for any Microsoft Windows user.

It is available for $39.95 at

From Novatix- ExplorerPlus™ 6.0- File Management Made Fast, Easy and Efficient
ExplorerPlus™ is the ultimate file management solution. This powerful yet easy to use suite of integrated tools provides all you need to quickly and easily organize and manage all your system files and folders. From digital photos to MP3 music files, or web files to Word files, ExplorerPlus lets you tackle even the most demanding file management tasks like a pro!

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