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Tech Bargain sites- Check out the latest sites to get the DAILY computer rebates and discounts

By Cathy Margolin, Reviews Editor,

There are several very hot sites (in addition to the meta-search shopping sites such as and that list the DAILY tech bargains and one that lists all the bargains, specials, rebates, etc.

Look at , then Forums, then Hot Deals, to get the latest specials.   I like FatWallet because you can have it send you an email alert for a specific product or vendor.  One of my students got a $1500 Dell ultra thin laptop for $750 when he found a $750 off coupon on FatWallet.  You never know!

You can also put in an email alert to the site and when it finds the keyword (such as Panasonic) it will email you the deal. The disadvantage of FatWallet is that is lists all specials not just technology, such as Perfume specials, specials, etc, so there is more to go through to get to what you want.

Another good site for daily tech specials is THey list the latest computer and notebooks specials on the left hand side, so it is easy to find the latest deals.

Try, select your state and you now get a list of specials for the week for Staples, Office Depot, some Fry's etc. by category such as USB flash drives.

Black Friday

 “Black Friday”  is what they call the day after Thanksgiving with all the specials. There are a number of sites on the net which list the specials beforehand.  Both of the above sites have listed the specials at the major stores beforehand, so you can plan and research ahead of time.

For 2005, Some I have found are:

Black Friday at GottaDeal



Happy Hunting!


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