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How to search multiple Pdf Files at Once

Windows 8.1 Update- How do I get it?

Windows 8.1 Update for Dreamspark, Technet or MSDN users

The Question -- Who is a “photographer” in today’s connected world?      The Answer -- EVERYBODY WITH A POINT AND SHOOT,  CAMCORDER, SMART OR DUMB CELLPHONE, OR PHOTO-PAD!

Green screens, blue screens --  hoo--ray for scene screens!  How Green/Blue screens got started.

Adobe Acrobat Prints Garbage or garbled words on my PDF or printer

Windows 7 Gadgets are GONE, How Do I Find them again?

Windows 7- How to Install Games in Windows 7 Professional Version

Windows 7- How to Find the Classic Control Panel

 Home Computing going Green

PaperPort 9 all of a sudden cannot OCR?


Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson Podcasting! This week in Tech is the newest podcast.

How to Take Great Digital Pictures Photo Tips and Hints to remember

Tech Bargain sites- Check out the latest sites to get the DAILY computer rebates and discounts
Ebay Hints and tips in Southern California Home and Outdoor by Reviews Editor Cathy Margolin
PC Magazine article about George Margolin and Digital cameras Bill Machrone wrote about all of George Margolin's (Editor) digital camera tips
Grey Box or Messenger Popups- How to get rid of them Annoyed by those Pop-ups? Get rid of the Grey boxes
CyberTerroism- A Practical Guide to Protect Your Computer How to protect your computer from the Nasties out there and hints to follow.

 When Caps Lock/Num Lock Keys Are Pressed

E-Mail Hints to Follow

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