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Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson Podcasting!

By George Margolin, Editor,

Investigating Podcasting, I ran across our own Steve Gibson, as a Podcaster!   Podcasting is a way of broadcasting audio recordings, some as MP3, some as iTunes, etc. , downloading them automatically to your device, then listening to them offline.

Steve Gibson, president of , has teamed up with Leo Laporte to host “Security Now” podcasts, which you can find at :  His latest is about the Sony's "Rootkit Technology" DRM, and others such as Unbreakable WiFi Security, Bad WiFi Security (WEP and MAC address filtering), Rootkits, Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks, SPYaWAREness, and Personal Password Policy plus many more. At Steve Gibson’s website, you can get the MP3 versions with either high or low bandwidth, a web page with any supplementary notes, a web page text transcript of the episode, a simple text transcript of the episode , and a PDF transcript. 

 Leo Laporte , now has a podcast show called  “this WEEK in TECH can be found at  . He has a very good show. You may remember him from Tech TV Screensavers. You can get it directly, or via a RSS feed, or even as adding it to your   MY Yahoo page. Actually the acronym is called "Twit".



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