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Windows 7 Gadgets are GONE, How Do I Find them again?

By Cathy Margolin,

Microsoft decided to get rid of gadgets so developers can concentrate on the new version (Windows 8) of Windows.

So what is a person to do to find their own gadgets, say you get a new computer with Windows 7 and need to replace your old gadgets? I will go over some of the more popular ones and how to find them.

Some of the more popular ones are on the Help page on Microsoft at:

such as TOP - Vista Shutdown Control, WeatherBug, Speed Test, GPU Meter, Network Meter, Drives Meter, Battery  Meter, All CPU Meter.

Some that I use the most that are missing: Digital World Clock,  D-link Network Monitor, Accuweather, etc.  The D-Link item can be found on the website.

All CPU Meter, Network Meter and Drives Meter are on

Weatherbug can be found at Weatherbug’s websie, with a bit of searching:

And of course for the ones you cannot find, there is always, drum roll, Google search.


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