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How to Take Great Digital Pictures

By Cathy Margolin, Reviews Editor

Plan Your Picture

First off, there are record shots to record the event and then there are great pictures. Decide which you want to shoot and then follow these hints to get that great shot. Plan your picture before you shoot it. How do you want it to look? Use Hands to frame picture first to choose what you want.  This helps to narrow the picture down until your eye starts seeing this frame automatically.  The nice thing about Digital cameras is that you can shoot and shoot and not incur any costs, so take lots of pictures.  Don’t forget you can review the picture after you take it, to see if you got the right shot. If not, just take another, right then and there! 

 Be aware of where the center of interest is, and follow your eye to it. It should be going into the picture not leading out of the picture.

 Another hint to get a pleasing picture is to follow the Rule of Thirds.  Divide the picture into thirds, horizontally and vertically, and there the lines  intersect is where to place the Center of Interest. Try it and see.  Putting the horizon in the middle is usually less pleasing than placing it in the lower or upper third.   

In our photo club, Bright Colors always drew your eyes into the picture. We used to tease everyone about who was going to bring a red jacket to be the model in all the pictures.  Of course, the red-jacketed person was appropriately placed at the intersection of the Rule of Thirds.

 For some reason, odd numbers of items, such as one or three are more pleasing than an even number of items.  Try taking a picture with an even number and then with an odd number and see which you like better. Don’t forget – you can take lots of pictures since you are not wasting film. 

Try not to cut off heads, feet or tops of your center of interest unless you deliberately want to.

One very serious advantage to Digital photography is that the computer is your darkroom and you can manipulate anything out of the picture.  We used to say we needed that

“Telephone Pole Filter” (grin) to get the telephone pole out of the picture,  but with the computer you can just take it out, after the fact.

 Always carry your camera. George had his camera with him at Marvac when a car ran into Marvac electronics store, so he was able to take great photo journalism pictures, which also helped the company.

 Try to take pictures of interesting places. Make it a new family outing to find new photo opportunities.  Get the family involved in taking pictures. Cameras are getting fairly inexpensive, so everyone can now have them!  Enjoy!





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