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Windows 7- How to Find the Classic Control Panel

by Cathy Margolin, Reviews Editor,

Late this summer I bought a great new ASUS laptop with Vista 64 on it. Well, I hate to be the last one on the block to play with a new Operating system, so 3 days after I bought it, I loaded Windows 7 Professional 64 bit (from MSDN). It worked great- no drivers needed! But, being a techie, I got used to going into the Control Panel and just selecting an icon of what I want to change such as System, Parental Controls,  Date and Time, etc. instead of going to selecting a category first such as  "System and Security" then the actual item I really want such as System.

So with Windows 7, I could not find the "Classic" view of the Control Panel. But I solved it!

Go to Start, Control Panel. I should open as below. On the upper right is "View by- Category"- marked by the big red ^^^^ below.

Click on the "View by- Category" and Click for larger image














it will drop down. Select "Small Icons"  and voila, the "Classic" Control Panel has now appeared.

And if you have recently upgraded from Windows XP, just a quick reminder that "Add and Remove Programs" is now filed under P for "Programs and Features". 

Enjoy Windows 7!


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