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Windows 8.1 Update for Dreamspark or MSDN users

By Cathy Margolin

Reviews Editor

Having problems finding the Windows 8.1 update? Check out my Windows 8.1 update article because Windows 8.1 is now in the Microsoft  Store instead of the normal Windows update delivery mechanism.  If you looked in the Microsoft store and were not able to find the Windows 8.1 update there, (notice no Windows 8.1 showing)  it could be one of two issues. The first issue is that all the Windows updates have to be completed before it will appear in your Microsoft store, so do all the Windows updates.The second issue is one that I will address here.

If you installed Windows 8 from a Volume license such as TechNet, MSDN, MSDNAA or DreamSpark, the Windows 8.1 icon will never appear in your Microsoft store. After talking with the Microsoft rep at the local Microsoft office, who confirmed this, any Windows 8 that came from a volume license such as listed above, will have to be updated via the same volume license mechanism. That means you will have to download via Technet, MSDN, MSDNAA, or Dreamspark, the Windows 8.1 update to install it. You cannot use the Microsoft Store to install it.  So download the Windows 8.1 from Dreamspark, Technet, etc. and perform the Update (I would suggest backing up your computer first, just in case).

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