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Jabra JX-10 Bluetooth Headset

By Cathy Margolin, Reviews,

I have a Pocket PC  cell phone by Audiovox/HTC and I have tried many Bluetooth headsets of many different brands and many different headsets within each brand.  Most have been fairly lousy. Let me tell you about one that REALLY WORKS- the Jabra JX-10.

I was in a huge convention with 2 floors and no Bluetooth headset was working.   We borrowed the JX-10 and low and behold it worked with al that noise around it ! And it was very clear!  The sound on it could go louder that my original phone which is great in noisy situations.  It has great noise-cancelling capabilities.

Sometimes it is hard to hear  using your original cell phone. I have found that the JX-10 boosts the sound and gives even people who are hard of hearing  an easy  (h)ear.

It is Bluetooth 2.0 and will reach about 33 feet, though I never let my phone get that far away!

The Jabra JX-10 is about $99 at








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