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LAPLINK GOLD 11.5 and LapLink Everywhere Beta 3

By George Margolin, Editor,

 WHAT IT IS: The GOLD Standard in file transfer and Remote Control on a LAN or on the Internet.

I have been a Laplink user since the computer Stone Age - about the time that Sneaker Net gave way to serial cable, then parallel cable. And now it's moved up to the speeds and capabilities of Ethernet LANs, Wireless transmissions and Internet anywhere in the world with it's new iteration of LapLink Every-where.

As you can see, LapLink has been there to pave the way and save the day of computer users since near the beginning.

The latest version 11.5 has added speed and long range connectivity and control along with faster connection hardware and software, which is like saying the best, got better.

And it has always had some clever tricks and capabilities. First off it uses file compression to shorten transmission time especially useful with the old slow serial and parallel cables, and now with dial-up modem transfers. But this system combined with its ability to send not the whole update file, but only those NEW portions or patches makes for the fastest possible transfers and updates.

Let's start with what LapLink has ALWAYS done well.

FILE UPDATES When updating whole directories from different drives on the same computer or connected LAN or FireWire or USB drives it can be set up to send ONLY those files that are on both drives, or only newer files or missing files that are coming from the transferring drive. This also works and speeds up transfers where other COMPUTERS are connected via any of the above connections or internet ties.

This means that after you have transferred your humongous files from the source to the target directory or drive or computer over a relatively looooooong period of time consistent with the files sizes and the speed of the transmission line you THEN can have the following interesting and happy condition. The NEXT time you need to update from the same drives, directories or computers herein called The Party of the First Part or Source LapLink will search and compare what s on the Source and the Target (Party of the Second Part) and will transfer ONLY THOSE that fit the criteria of newness of absence.

Meaning IF the first whole transfer took an hour or more the Second transfer might take a couple of minutes OR LESS if there are only a few Bytes or Megabytes to transfer not Gigabytes!

So updating and backing up or automatically SYNCHRO-NIZING your drives, can be a few minute task! This helps insure that you might do it regularly as I do, for the above reasons and because of the above capabilities. In other words, it s quick and simple with LapLink doing all the work.

The LapLink program can also be set up to automatically back up specific drives, programs or partitions on a schedule you choose without further intervention. The only thought required on your part is to have the computer(s) turned on at the right times.


The latest version of LapLink Gold 11.5 adds a few more long distance arrows to its quiver. First off it makes automatically transferring files over a LAN wired or wireless a snap. It lets you do what we showed above, on computers separated by reasonable distances.


Remote Control out of the box Using any of the various capabilities of cables and USB and FireWire and Wireless trans-mission Version 11.5 lets you CONTROL REMOTELY any of the computers on your premises. This is Very VERY useful for those of us who work with many computers for our business or pleasure or both.

But NOW LapLink Everywhere is available to EXTEND these marvelous capabilities ACROSS the Planet to Anywhere there s an Internet Connection. ANYWHERE!

This add-on program lets you remotely control computers at client offices or friends or business associate s workplaces or homes. And it works very well, permitting you to see on your screen what they have on theirs. More it permits COLLABORATIVE work and text and VOICE conferencing on the same BROADBAND connection at the same time. It even provides ways to work through Firewalls.

This makes maintaining and correcting problems on remote computers anywhere in the world, if needed a true possibility. As I am writing this, I am transferring about 8 Gigabytes of new graphic files from another computer to the one I m using. And it's working transparently.

Needless to say the faster the connection, the better, when you re working through Internet speed limitations.

Are there other programs that will permit this function? You betcha but the few that do this don t have the many other marvelous capabilities and proven reliability that we ve come to count on with the LapLink Family. And NONE does it all!


Except for the LapLink Everywhere module (a 30 day free trial offer comes in the LapLink box) the price of LapLink is available everywhere at well under its $99 list price. And if you decide to purchase the LapLink Everywhere module, there will be a monthly charge of about $10 or $90 per YEAR. This is less than HALF of what a quality competitor charges for essentially the same REMOTE INTERNET capability. But LapLink Every-where includes 3 machine licenses rather than their competitorís one license.

If you have no need for controlling distant computers over the internet you needn't buy it or even try it. But for us, it is useful.

To summarize LapLink Gold 11.5 is an evolved, useful (imperative to us) and reliable program that we can t live without.

It is the best synchronizing, updating, backing up and organizing program I personally have used.

For Administrators it permits you to take over, run and even reboot computers near or far or over the Internet.

Voice and Text it permits simultaneous voice or text messaging while working on remote computers.

Access network based applications and databases anywhere from your own computer in your own office. Very nice!

LapLink 11.5 will let you update your files from hard drive to hard drive by just transferring the NEW material. Makes for very speedy and easy synchronizing of drives and computers that are connected to each other in SOME way. By some I mean by a world of methods of connectivity including the latest wire-less, USB and FireWire technologies.

All told, it is a remarkable, versatile, useful, and reliable program. No computer should be without it.




Copyright(c) 2004 NetSurferNews. All rights reserved.

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