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Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 Pocket PC US version

By Cathy Margolin, Reviews Editor,

About a year ago, I upgraded my cell phone to a Audiovox /HTC XV6700 Pocket PC cell phone finally getting rid of two devices- my Pocket PC PDA and cell phone. It does have a voice program under Windows Mobile 5 but you have to train each entry. Since I have over 900 names in my Outlook file that are transferred /synched over to my cell phone, I decided that was not the way to go. 

Low and behold,  I found Microsoft Voice Command software program which I was able to install on my PC and synch to the cell phone.  I then set up a a button , so that I just press a button on the side of my device ( you can set this up by: Start, Settings, Buttons under the personal tab, then I selected button 5 and assigned Voice Command to it).  Boy does it work nicely.  But of course people start wondering, when I am walking  around and talk to my phone.  But I just press the button on the side of my phone, speak “Call Home” into the phone and it looks up the contact and asks” Home or Mobile”  if I have two phone numbers for a person. I reply “Mobile” and it will dial the number automatically.  Much easier that going to contacts, scrolling through to find the number and then figuring which to dial.

This program can be downloaded from for $39.95.

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